TSA Picks CLEAR for Official TSA PreCheck Enrollment

TSA Picks CLEAR for Official TSA PreCheck Enrollment
TSA Picks CLEAR for Official TSA PreCheck Enrollment

The enrollment services for TSA PreCheck are being expanded at participating airports through the inclusion of CLEAR, as announced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today.

Since its inception in December 2013, the TSA PreCheck program has experienced significant growth, with over 19 million passengers currently enrolled in the program. This program, designed for low-risk travelers, allows vetted individuals to navigate security checkpoints more efficiently.

According to TSA Administrator David Pekoske, the inclusion of additional enrollment providers simplifies the enrollment process and enhances the overall travel experience for the public.

CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker stated that the combination of TSA PreCheck with enrollment by CLEAR offers a quick and effective airport experience, emphasizing that this partnership will greatly benefit US travelers by providing them with additional enrollment locations, extended hours of operation, and various other advantages.

CLEAR now provides the convenience of in-person TSA PreCheck enrollments and renewals at three different airports: Orlando International Airport (MCO), Sacramento International Airport (SMF), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

Travelers can conveniently enroll in CLEAR’s dedicated TSA PreCheck airport enrollment pods. Over time, CLEAR will expand its enrollment locations to include additional CLEAR airport locations. To obtain more information about renewing or enrolling in TSA PreCheck, as well as to find enrollment locations and pricing details for all TSA PreCheck enrollment providers, please visit the official website of the TSA PreCheck program.

In light of today’s announcement, TSA PreCheck members now have the option to renew their memberships online through CLEAR, IDEMIA, or Telos, regardless of their initial enrollment provider.

TSA has set wait time benchmarks for TSA PreCheck lanes at under 10 minutes, while standard lanes should have wait times under 30 minutes. TSA PreCheck members enjoy the convenience of keeping their shoes, belts, and light jackets on during screening, as well as being able to keep their laptops and 3-1-1 liquids in their carry-on bags.

Effective May 2023, the TSA has allowed teenagers aged 13-17 to accompany their TSA PreCheck-enrolled parents or guardians through TSA PreCheck screening, as long as they are traveling on the same reservation and have the TSA PreCheck indicator on their boarding pass. Children aged 12 and under can accompany an enrolled parent or guardian in the TSA PreCheck lanes without any restrictions. The enrollment providers submit applicant information to TSA, and it is TSA that ultimately determines an individual’s eligibility to participate in the TSA PreCheck program.

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